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The visual systems division has moved to partnership company ALPHA SIA starting from 2017.

Thanks to its own development and cooperation with leading manufacturers ALGS has the ability to create original screens of any size and for any application.

LED Screens

Currently actual in advertising and entertainment industries, and offers unlimited size and shape options.
We offer LED screens for use in outdoor conditions with a high level of security, as well as easing design screens, for use indoors. The main factors characterizing theLED screen is unlimited size options, performance and impressive visual effect.

Informative LED or LCD screens

Single-, two-color or full color LED and LCD indoor and outdoor screens will be the ideal choice for:
·        Beach information stands  
·        Advertising stands
·        Billboards
·        Transport terminals
·        As well as much else

Network Interactive Displays

Media LCD all-in-one LCD displays, which integrated all the necessary for the efficient and easy to complete, organize and play your digital information, whether it be videos, pictures, running lines, or all together. A system includes higher-quality LCD with integrated Media player, memory (CF, SD, USB or HDD), an Internet connection to the LAN, or Wi-Fi support. Just connect to a current..!
Following experience gained while successfully performing several big projects, we’ll counsel you, taking into consideration your individual needs and desires, and we’ll suggest you the best solutions for successful accomplishment of your project. These solutions include high quality visual devices with contemporary and modern design, functionality, provision of development and control, system’s maintenance, as well as all kind of support of our staff for carrying out your desires.